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6 Month Contract
Product Designer
Product Designer (3)
Product Manager
Project Manager
Engineers (3)
Adobe Suite


About iContribute

iContribute is a mobile (SPOILER ALERT: and Web) product that works to connect student volunteers to local non-profit organizations.

iContribute has partnered with registered charities, non-profit organizations, and community organizations to present volunteer opportunities to students so that they can make an impact in their local communities.
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Role and Responsibilities

I was onboarded as a lead designer on iContribute new web application team. Our team consisted of 2 other designers, 3 engineers, a product manager, and a project manager.

Throughout the contract I was able to lead several sprint cycles, while following the complete UCD approach. I gained valuable experience with road mapping and defining key requirements for a new product.
Key Milestones + Learnings
  • Created the first design system, which was implemented cross functionally
  • Completed all defined sprint cycles of MVP key requirements including dashboard, main user flows, profile, settings, and onboarding with successful dev hand offs
  • Collected success metrics and user feedback
Web Team, Product Designers Weekly Sync Up (Emily Ong, Jessica Kende)

The Problem

Creating a Better Product for Organizations

The pilot launch of the mobile application was a great success. The launch secured several organizations and students to become loyal users.

While collecting user feedback, one large gap became clear. While half of our target demographic being students loved the using a mobile application. The other half being Non-profit organizations, expressed they primarily use a desktop computer for workflow and volunteer hiring processes.
How can we translate the mobile experience and improve on the core features, to better suit organization employees working on a desktop?

Initial Planning

Breaking Down the Mobile Product

Firstly, we wanted to analyze the existing mobile app and understand its core features and flows. We performing a UX audit to find out any problem areas within the apps main user flow.

We verified the current steps and information collected on the app by conducting a hybrid card sorting analysis.

This aided us to improve the order of screens and information grouping.

Defining the Requirements

Our team was able to create a list of the requirements for the final MVP and a detailed brief for each sprint cycle. We were able to create this list by collecting requirements from internal stakeholders and balancing that with our users needs and goals.

In addition to the MVP requirements we made a list of stretch sprints we could run if we had more time.

Information Architecture

As a team we created the information architecture for the new web app. In order to verify our assumptions we tested the assumed information architecture with users through card sorting and tree testing methods.

We created 3 different tasks for our analysis. Below were the combined results of the testing.


Task Completion



Our Process

Road Mapping the Design

Next, our team created a detailed process for our sprint cycles. As time was a large constraint for this project we created a process for a perfect world scenario as well as an accurate process considering the tight time constraints.

This plan was a high risk, high reward. If there were major usability complications, this plan would not succeed. Since the product was fairly simple and we could utilize past research, we felt confident carrying out this road map.

Design System

In partnership with one other designer I created the first working design system for iContribute. As a team we were able to keep the system updated and uniform with our designs. We found this to be a crucial artifact to create when designing a new product.

Design and Iteration

In order to be confident with our designs we would create several possible iterations and test them internally and externally.

Based on feedback, usability testing and voting we would proceed to iterate, combining ideas until we were satisfied and confident with the result.

Final Deliverables

The Solution

Our team created a desktop dashboard for non-profit organizations, with the goal to help them post and manage volunteer opportunities.

Developer Handoff

Communication is Key

Throughout the design process I made sure to have constant communication and sync ups with the engineering team. This lead to efficient design handoffs and streamlined our process.

Additionally, to ensure accurate development I created a detailed prototype for each deliverable which showcased the interactions and different states.

The Outcome


Clients Committed
We were able to showcase high functioning prototypes to stakeholders and committed 3 clients.

Within competition of the contract we were able to conduct usability testing and collect user feedback for each deliverable. One major key to our success was being able to get our designs in the hands of our target users quickly. We were able to gain valuable insight, which led to iteration from key clientele, students, and internal stakeholders.

The final MVP is still currently in development and will be released in the 3rd quarter of the year. . Stay tuned for more updates and success metrics post launch.

This was an amazing experience working with a cross functional team. I was able to learn and adapt from challenges that emerge from designing and shipping a new product. I will definitely be applying my knowledge and experience gained to future projects. I look forward to see where iContribute is in the future!

Feel free to reach out to learn more about the project details and challenges faced!


"Chris is a passionate, collaborative, and talented product designer who played a major role in the creation, design, and user experience of iContribute's web app. He doesn't shy away from asking tough questions to colleagues and clients to ensure the team is focusing on the same problems and solutions. From taking abstract goals of the founding team to strategically designing a solution that matters, Chris has demonstrated an excellent ability to lead and design in ambiguous environments.

Furthermore, Chris added tremendous value to the culture of our organization through his friendly and easy-to-approach personality that he brought to socials and team meetings. It was an amazing opportunity to work with Chris and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a hard working and driven designer to add to their team."

Haohao Du, iContribute Founder